Friday, September 16, 2011

Fashion Friday

Well, I couldn't resist...I order two skirts from The Limited this morning. They are having a BOGO sale and on top of that I used a coupon code to get $20 off a $75 purchase so with shipping spent $70 and am getting two of my favorite skirts. Since I had a baby, you all know how it is fitting into things again, and I bought one of these skirts back in July while on vacation and loved it because it actually fit. Anyway, waited for them to go on sale and they did! Bought a brown and charcoal.

And then a few collections I love. Too bad I don't have the money to shop everyday all day bc I would! lol :) Anyway, I'm a collection girl. I generally buy one purse per summer/winter season and stick with them the whole time; and I like to buy a whole collection of mix and match items like the one below and wear over and over in different combos until I start over. It seems you're spending a lot, but over time you're not because it helps keep you (at least it does me) from buying random pieces here and there. Plus, when you don't have much closet space to deal with,  not having a million somethings makes a big difference!

Later today, going to use my "Place Cash" on my 6 month old! What fun!

Any way you like to shop that helps you out?