Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'm so jealous of my cousin...

I know jealousy is the "Big Green Monster" but I am jealous in love with my cousin's new family room. She recently had it completely remodeled, (it was complete with paneling and the works of datedness- if that's a word.) The walls are two shades and the one I am in love with is Benjamin Moore Phillipsburg Blue.

Here it is as an outdoor color and I love it here too.

I painted my living room a warm yellow that I loved when I first moved into my house but am so tired of the overwhelmingness of it. It seems to turn everything yellow. So I am looking for a new color. I do love that blue but not sure I want that dark of a color on my walls since I would like to open the room up a little bit. I recently found this color also and really like it.

This is Behr Cathedral Gray...

I have a mocha color on one wall of the room that is an extension of my kitchen so I need something that will not clash with brown but not be a plain taupe/tan color. 
Suggestions anyone????