Wednesday, April 14, 2010

CRAZY Good Weekend!

Well, Saturday was normal but then Sunday was CRAZY good! A set of my pillows was featured on this blog:

By the time I got home from church I had 10 questions about these pillows! All in all I sold 7 sets of pillows on Sunday and 1 set of 3 yesterday! My GA tell me I normally have about 200 views a day to my shop and on Sunday I had over 1,000!!!! Yea!!! Anyway, I now am adverstising on this blog and you should too if you have anything to sell having to do with home decor! It's a great price for a long time.

Finally got my license plate for my new car yesterday! What a run-around they gave me! Gosh!

Planted a garden this weekend and some tulips. My hostas are coming up good and pretty soon will be full and green as ever.

Happy Wednesday everyone!