Thursday, June 30, 2011

Second Life Shopping...

This morning I went out with my 3 month old son Evan (we don't get out much at this age :)) to wash my car, go to the post office and Dunkin Donuts- had to have my fix of iced coffee for the day. :) While we were out I just HAD to stop by one of my favorite second hand shops called "Second Life". It was started for the sole purpose of supporting a Christian school in our area, so I feel good about buying things there knowing my money is going towards a good cause. Anyway, I found the cutest mirrors and I'm not sure where they are going just yet, but they are perfect. They were marked down because they were missing some of their "gems" but I can easily replace these or change the color of them all.
I need some ideas for what to do with them. I'm hoping to move soon, so maybe they could go on my new fireplace mantel or on a entryway table.

What can I always pays to make a quick stop at the second hand store...:)