Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Spray Paint Wonders

I am a spray paint junkie and believe it can be used on just about anything! Like the father in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" who thinks Windex is the solver of all the world's problems. :) I have used it on furniture, my AC vents, metal, wood etc. etc. etc. I even spray painted my scary looking refrigerator! :)  You can get appliance spray paint and then sand your frig front and believe me, it will look amazing! I am not quite done with my frig. since I started it while I was pregnant and realized about halfway through that the fumes could not be good for the baby since I couldn't open all the windows in the house because it was 3 degrees I left the house while it aired out...I'm too impatient to get things done. :) Anyway, a while back Emily at Emily A. Clark posted a couple of blogs that had great spray painting advice so I thought I would share them too since I learned so much from them.

The first is Bryn from Bryn Alexandra ( don't you just love that name? :))

You have got to go to her blog and see what this desk looked like before she painted it. She also gives detailed instructions on exactly how she got this piece to look this way. 

Secondly, over at Censational Girl, Kate gives great FAQ's about spray painting.

 Have a great day and go spray paint something! It does wonders for a room!