Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nesting Instinct

So, I am now 38 weeks pregnant and they say you have this nesting instinct right before you go into labor, but I've been in the nesting instinct for the past month! My whole house could not be more organized nor have I ever been this content to just stay at home. Anyways, I thought I would share my nursery pics.

Emily A. Clark posted a great lesson on her blog quite a while back about painting stripes in her foyer so I tried it and it turned out great! My husband hates to paint, but he did a wonderful job....

 I was trying my best to save money with all this, and I found this beautiful crib on craigslist for $80 with mattress.

I made the crib bumper, drapes, diaper stacker and lamp shade and  got the cute decals from an adorable etsy shop- who did a custom listing for me and was great to work with!

The paper lanterns I picked up at Pier One and used White ribbon and a push pin to put them in the ceiling. I love these!
I also added some matching fabric to the inside of these fabric bins I got at Target just to help pull it all together.

Got this rug at TJ Maxx quite a while back already knowing the colors I wanted for this room.

And last but not least, "Me" at 7 months before I got "fat". Of course this is baby fat, but I will be on serious workout program after this baby! lol