Friday, July 2, 2010

Revamping my Bedroom

Hello! What a wonderful week! I had a whole week off of work and it has been wonderful!! The weather has been absolutely beautiful! Got to sit out and get a tan and even had time to read a book! :) I totally revamped my ETSY shop today and am now offering FREE SHIPPING and layaway! YAY! I put up shelves in my laundry room this week with a bar for hanging clothes. It is so nice! My next big project right now is to re-do my entire bedroom. I put some pics of what it looks like currently. I am looking to make it look like the the all white rooms in the pics given. It will be such a fresh look compared to now! Whew! I want to do all of this thought without spending any money, and I think I can accomplish this. If I paint everything white and then sell my whole set, all I will need is new curtains and a new bedskirt since I already have a white quilt/comforter. My husband always teases that he comes home from work and in one day I have completely built, rebuilt, rearranged or changed something in the house. That's a little exaggeration I think, but it is partially true. :)

ETSY going alright but a little stagnant which is why I revamped my shop. Looks a lot better, I just need to get new items listed but it's hard when all I can keep up with is the orders I get. That's ok. My full time job will be over on July 23rd so I'll have more time then. :)
So here's my current bedroom:

Here is an idea: I love these! What to do, what to do?

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  1. the last one is exactly how i want my bedroom to look thanks


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