Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Productive Day

I was home from school today and yesterday due to a severe kidney infection. My husband was ready to take me to the emergency room yesterday because I was in so much pain I was crying. :( I had taken some ibuprofen earlier so it started working and then he went and got me some Cranberry Pills, and Uva Ursi Tea. That stuff works great! I have been taking it since yesterday along with some other stuff and am feeling much better today!

I woke up to 3 sales this morning (Yea!!) and then made another later on in the day. I also got 6 sets of pillow covers sewn and pics taken. 3 sets are already listed in my shop purplepajamas.etsy.com and the others I'm working with in photoshop. Those will prob. list tomorrow.

Also found a hotel today in Indianapolis where my husband and I are going next weekend for a basketball game. Excited about getting away for a little while.

Right now, sitting here typing as hubby reads a book. Nice, quiet and peaceful.

Well, goodnight all, off to fix some pics for tomorrow and then off to bed. Early morning tomorrow! :)

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